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canadian literature in english

Maple LeafCourses on Canadian Literature in English are no longer offered at the University of Salento.

During the years in which I taught Canadian Literature at the University of Salento, I compiled an extensive subject-structured directory of web resources relevant to Canadian Studies. This was originally conceived as a tool to assist my students in their research, but it eventually developed into something much more ambitious in scope. I have long ceased to maintain this site, and it therefore inevitably contains a large number of outdated or obsolete items. Since it continues to be visited on a fairly regular basis, however, and is listed as a resource on various other websites, I have kept it online notwithstanding its numerous shortcomings. It can be consulted by clicking here.

My two most recent books on subjects relating to Canadian Literature are the following. Click on the images to see full descriptions on the publisher's website.

       Book Cover-Ancestors and Gods                          Book Cover-The Serpent's Part