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My name is David Lucking and since 2001 I have been FuPhotoll Professor of English at the University of Salento, where my recent teaching responsibilities have included courses in Shakespeare, English Literature, Canadian Literature in English, and English Language.

My educational trajectory began with schooling in London, Montreal and Toronto, and included a two-year stint at Bosphorus University in Istanbul during which I majored in Comparative Literature. I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Leeds, gaining a first class combined honours degree in English and Philosophy and winning the university's Crabtree Prize for academic excellence. Funded by a university studentship awarded on the basis of academic merit, I went on to earn my PhD at the same institution, writing my doctoral dissertation on religious elements in the fiction of Joseph Conrad. I subsequently took up what was expected to have been a brief teaching position at the University of Lecce, and have remained in Italy ever since.

Although my research interests are fairly diversified, a theme that crops up with some regularity in my work is that of language in its relation to identity, an issue I have explored from various points of view and in the contexts of both English and Canadian literature. Among the authors who have particularly engaged my attention are Shakespeare, Conrad and Margaret Laurence, but I have delved into the work of numerous other writers as well, publishing some ten books and over seventy articles in the fields of English, Canadian and American literature. A substantial number of my papers on Shakespeare have been reprinted in various venues.

I am a member of the doctoral school "Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures" of the University of Salento.